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What's New?

"Taking Care of Time"

"Taking Care of Time," my third full-length poetry collection, was chosen by poet Naomi Shihab Nye as the winner of the Wheelbarrow Poetry Prize from the Michigan State University Poetry Center.  This book is available NOW from Michigan State University Press, online, or from your favorite local book seller. 

About "Taking Care of Time, "Poet Laureate Emeritus of CT, Dick Allen wrote, "How incredibly tactile, hands on and caring is Cortney Davis’s new collection!  In flawlessly crafted poems, both harrowing and celebrating, Davis keeps body contact as she walks us down hospital corridors, looking in on lives in extreme straits (but the looking is in no way off-putting, as too many “medical poems” can be).  And the “Becoming the Patient” section of Taking Care of Time about Davis’s own 21st Century near-fatal illness and subsequent recovery (especially sections 5 and 9) truly leads us to the edge of the unfaceable and back.  Her poems cause us to 'cherish every moment under the leaden sky.'"  

Latest Anthology of Nurses' Writing

Poet Jeanne Bryner and I have edited another anthology of writing by nurses.  This anthology, "Learning to Heal: Reflections on Nursing School in Poetry and Prose," contains stunning poems and essays about nursing school experiences.  Featuring the stories of nurses from diverse countries and educational backgrounds, this anthology, published in September, 2018,  shines a light on how we nurses first learned to do what we do best: care for those in our keeping, tenderly and expertly.  This anthology is available NOW from Kent State University Press, online, or from your local book seller.  

Upcoming readings & events!

  • Now that we are living in a "zoom" world, most of my upcoming readings will be done virtually.  I will post all "publicly" readings on Face Book.  

Bethel's First Poet Laureate! 2019-2022

I've so enjoyed being Bethel, CTs first poet laureate!  Now it's time to pass the torch--I know the next laureate will continue to find new ways to bring poetry to Bethel!

What's New?: Upcoming Events
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