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Links to Poets, Writers, and Journals

An ongoing work in progress!   

Poets and Writers

Dick Allen

Felice Aull

Richard Berlin 

Rafael Campo

Josephine Ensign

John Fox

Patsy Harman

Dorianne Laux

Veneta Masson

Michael Salcman

Judy Schaefer

Paula Sergi

Jack Sheedy

Muriel Murch

Stacy Nigliazzo

Danielle Ofri

Artists & Photographers

Karla Bernstein

Laura Ferguson

Jon Gordon

Meg Lindsay

Roy Weinstein

Journals, Presses, and Places

Alimentum: A Journal of Literature and Food

Bellevue Literary Review


Institute for Poetic Medicine

Kent State University Press

Prairie Schooner

Random House

Superstition Review


University of Iowa Press

University of Nebraska Press

Michigan State University Press

Read Cortney's Work Online


Video and poems from the Hartford Courant, December 17, 2017

“Cradle Dreams” 

"Ear Examined"

"A Nurse's Poetry" (article and poems from Scrubs Magazine)

"Terrorism: Call & Response"

"When We Lived on the Third Floor," "Onset Beach, Cape Cod, September 24," and "Lucid Dreaming"

"Film Noir"

"First Night at the Cheap Hotel"


"Nursing and the Word"

"Who's Your Daddy?" 

"Mothers Who Write"

"Last Summer I Became My Poems"


"Close Observation: the Skills of Nursing and Writing" (an interview with Cortney Davis, Stacy Nigliazzo, and Paula Sergi)

Cortney Davis interviews Muriel Murch

Cortney Davis interviews Rafael Campo

Prairie Schooner Spotlight on Cortney Davis

Radio Interview with Cortney Davis, "The Heart's Truth"

Spotlight on Cortney Davis on Sting of the Heat Bug

The Diane Rehm Show (Audio)

Nurse Week

"Medicine, Nursing and Literary Writing": Reach MD Radio

Everyday Poetry Interview with Sandee Gertz

Works Annotated by Cortney Davis (NYU Database)

NYU's Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database

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